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Le Male Aviator - Jean Paul Gaultier

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Le Male Aviator - Jean Paul Gaultier

Post27 grudnia 2019, 13:45 - Pt

Opening Top Notes
lavender, mint
Heart Center Notes
Deep Base Notes
amber, vanilla, woody elements

Pin-Up and Aviator, two limited editions of the iconic fragrances by Jean Paul Gaultier. Gaultier surrenders to the charm of Pin-Up and Aviator airmen to create two limited editions of their iconic fragrances. Available from February 2020.

Le Male Aviator Limited Edition: This Male is not bad at all! He is an aviator, but in the style of Hollywood; Brave and all glamour. His philosophy is simple and irresistible: "Let's make love, not war". What does the Falcon matter if there is emotion: He knows how to blow the air like nobody else. He is much better able to loop in the air than to make rodeos on land. As famous in his squad as known in the bar where the crew meets.

The bottle: Inspired by the army's khaki color, but with a velvety and soft touch; Festive, cheerful and cheeky. As if by magic, the striped sailor is still there: it is part of the DNA so Jean Paul Gaultier of this adventurer is from heaven.

The container: Its case is khaki, of course, but of a sensuality that has immediately rendered a Pin up. In a regulatory green body, he greets the airmen as meaning: «All this is nothing more than a game!» And it is, the most delicious in the world.

Perfume: A mentholated freshness. A masculinity with wooden notes. And, finally, a touch of violet absolute. Eau de Toilette Le Male Aviator for Him: The bottle reminds of the symbolic figure that the designer has always used as a source of inspiration: the sailor. Le Male belongs to the oriental fragrance category. The soothing lavender in combination with the sensual vanilla create a pleasant and at the same time bewitching fragrance.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Aviator (Limited Edition)
Eau de Toilette 125ml/4.2oz



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Re: Le Male Aviator - Jean Paul Gaultier

Post27 grudnia 2019, 16:36 - Pt

Ciekawe (wymoderowano) czy w końcu coś ciekawego
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Re: Le Male Aviator - Jean Paul Gaultier

Post27 grudnia 2019, 17:07 - Pt

Miejmy nadzieję, że wart będzie uwagi, do tej pory JPG raczej nie zawodził, no może poza ostatnim Le Beau, który wogóle do mnie nie przemawia. Spis nut wygląda ciekawie, no zobaczym co to warte :)
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